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Connected toys are a new and improved form of entertainment.
The merging of the growing gaming industry and the profitable toys industry has endless potential.

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Leading toy makers and game developers are currently evolving, adopting new technologies and creating connected toys.

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Easy Technological
and Commercial Solution

Whether you're a toy maker, app developer, license owner or content supplier, Seebo will provide you with everything you need in order to create your connected toy and bring it to market.

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Go Beyond Mobile, Develop Apps for Toys

Develop your way into the profitable toy industry by creating mobile games for toys


Consumers are Willing to Pay 15 Times More!

The average paying child consumer spends 15 times more on physical toys than on apps

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The Toy Industry Needs You

Our rapidly growing project library includes connected toy concepts by world leading toy companies and we're looking for the best game developers for them. Just choose your project and start today, it's that simple!

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Full Solution, End to End

Keep doing what you do best – develop mobile games;
Seebo will take care of the rest

Easy and Low Risk


Get Creative

Do you have your own idea for a new connected toy? Just let us know and we will bring it to market with the perfect toy partner

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Become a
Seebo Certified Developer

Join our prestigious list of excellent game developers and the best toy companies in the world will knock on your door!


Flexible and Quick Integration

We have SDK plugins for all key development environments. It will take no more than one day to integrate Seebo Platform.

Bring Your Toys to Life


Kids are More Mobile Than Ever

Over the past two years


Today's Kids Want More
Go Connected

With connected toys you can align your products with the digital world and meet kids' expectations.
Add apps and games to your toys and provide your consumers with a smart and exciting way to play.

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It's Easy – Adopt an External
Solution to Connect Your Toys

Creating connected toys on your own is complicated and expensive.
By working with us you can save time, reduce expenses and avoid risks.
see many new ideas for connected toys. Get started and easily find the right concept for you.

Be Inspired by
Our Project Library

Browse through our project library and see many new ideas for connected toys. Get started and easily find the right concept for you.

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Choose The Perfect Content Developer

We work with many highly qualified Seebo certified content providers and game developers. With Seebo, it's easy to find the right developer for your toy.

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